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Nehru Place



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Nehru Place is a large commercial, financial, and business center in Delhi, India. Though its importance as a financial center has declined in recent years, Nehru Place is still a prominent commercial area in South Delhi.
Nehru place market is famous and renowned IT market especially for all kinds of computer hardware, pc, printers, laptops, hard disks, monitors and can be called heart of Indian IT industry.
nehru place, nehru place it hub, nehru place it marketNehru Place is hub for all forms of IT hardware, such as personal computers, servers, networking equipment, software, documentation services, and all allied services. Several manufacturers of computer hardware have their authorized dealerships located here, and as such, it is often considered as a computer enthusiasts' shopping area. Several businesses also build custom-specification personal computers and servers to order on-site, and many businesses are dedicated to hardware servicing. There are also firms that deal exclusively in used and secondhand computer hardware, as well as small, one-room shops that sell software titles.One can find some of the best deals for hardware here. One of the unique features of Nehru Place is the pervading informal atmosphere, akin to a flea market or a bazaar, in a place that deals in high-technology products. As such, a visitor may find pavement vendors selling items such as printer toner cartridges, blank optical media, printer paper and even software from a small stall or cart. Bargaining is widely tolerated, even expected, as a large portion of the trading is done without proper documentation, such as cash receipts and bills, and it is possible to purchase items at a lower price than they are marked with. A vibrant informal economy has developed due to the abundance of pirated software available for sale, which has led to legal action against many organizations operating from Nehru Place.
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Other businesses that operate in the area are Banks, multinational corporations, several restaurants and even a multiplex. Several small hotels for accommodation are also available across the roads on all sides. Intercontinental series of hotels has its own member hotel here as Eros Intercontinental.
Nehru Place

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