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Janpath Market



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Today, one of the most popular spot in Connaught place is Janpath market, which is a heaven for budget travelers and shoppers, buyers of curio, handicrafts and garments, and numerous Indian-style fast-food places.
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It is the perfect for buying the latest fashion goods at cheap prices. The budget travelers as well as those wanting to flaunt the latest in-things, Janpath of Delhi, India is the place to be. This is one place in the capital city, where you will find more foreign shoppers than Indians shoppers. There are a fair number of showrooms also in this market. However, shopping in Jan Path, New Delhi is best done at the numerous stalls that have been put up there.
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One thing to remember while shopping at Janpath is to bargain as much as you can. There is no limit to how low you can get the prices to be. There is also no dearth of small cafes and restaurants here. So, do visit this place, if not for shopping, then, at least to look at the amazing stuff you can get here. Some of the most popular items at Janpath market are:
Ethnic dresses
Daily-wear Clothing (right from skirts to jeans to t-shirts and so on)
Junk Jewelry
Silver Jewelry
Leather Footwear (Jutis, Mojris, Kohlapuris, etc)
Embellished Linen
Cotton Garments
Rajasthan vegetable color paintings
Imitation Jewelry
Indian artifacts and Carpets
CDs and DVDs
Janpath Market

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